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Diabetic Foot Care

At Leconte Orthopedics, we know that diabetic foot problems are a major health concern and are a common cause of hospitalization. If you have ever had elevated blood sugar level you are at risk for diabetes. About 23 million people (around 15 percent of the United States population) have the disease. In fact, studies show that foot complications cause 20% of the nearly 3 million hospitalizations related to diabetes every year. For people who have diabetes, it is vital to conduct careful, daily inspection of the feet for overall health and the prevention of foot problems that can be very damaging. At Leconte Orthopedics, our diabetic foot specialists are trained and experienced in diabetic foot care. We aim to educate our patients to be able to provide them with the best care we can.
Most of these foot problems arise from complications that patients must be aware of initially to be treated. Two of the most serious complications that come from diabetes are nerve damage and poor circulation. Because poor blood flow leads to lack of feeling, and eventually nervous system impairment (called neuropathy) sometimes small blisters can form and progress to a serious infection over the course of days without ever being detected. This affects 60 to 70 percent of people who have diabetes. Chronic nerve damage is another problem that can arise, causing dry and cracked skin. This provides a perfect environment for bacteria to enter and cause a dangerous infection. Consequences from this go from being hospitalized and taking antibiotics, all the way through the most severe of cases which result in the amputation of a toe or foot. If you have diabetes, monitoring your feet should be top priority in your care routine. However, many diabetic foot problems can be prevented by improving blood sugar control and strengthening your immune system. This and many more are the things that we teach our patients at Leconte Orthopedics when we are coming up with a customized plan for diabetic foot care.
Although diabetes is on the rise, this disease is often still ignored resulting in damage to limbs and ultimately life threatening conditions. We specialize in diabetic foot care by emphasizing consistent care and patient education. Self-exams of the feet are one of the most critical parts of maintaining vital foot health. If you have diabetes, be sure to look for any changes that arise, and understand that both color and temperature are significant indicators of their health. If you notice any changes, consult with your doctor to ensure you are providing yourself with the care you need and deserve. Our team considers each patient to be a completely unique case and work with them to understand their individual concerns and needs about their diabetic foot care. We aim to treat the whole patient by getting to know them, using the information to help us select the best course of treatment for their care. We work as a team to address every facet of the patient’s needs, allowing us to discuss, correctly assess, diagnose, and skillfully treat every concern with the utmost confidence and compassionate care.

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