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Orthopedic Surgery

The orthopedic surgeons at Leconte are recognized for their surgical excellence and innovative abilities used for simple and more complex orthopedic issues. Our surgeons are able to develop solutions for our patients that improve healing comfort, speed up rehabilitation, and ultimately greatly improve the outcomes. We use the latest techniques and new technologies to improve the care we provide for our patients and their individual needs. When orthopedic surgery may be required, we begin by providing the patient with a detailed and precise diagnosing using the highest quality of imaging technology making sure to answer any questions or concerns. After analyzing the results, we will come up with a customized course of treatment to relieve any pain, restore lost strength and flexibility, and help you get back to your normal activity level. We may even help with addressing any lifestyle changes that may help you further your recovery. If further treatment is required, we will help you in knowing and understanding all options which include medication, rehabilitation therapy, and other non-surgical possibilities. At any age, an injury can seriously set back your ability to live life to its fullest. You deserve a demonstrated team of professionals that are dedicated to getting you back in action.
After surgery, we continue our care by offering full physical therapy services to help our patients reach their mobility goals and enjoy their activities once again. Our experienced physical therapists use an approach that is unique to each patient, shaping their care after the patient’s individual needs. They are able to successfully rehabilitate a wide variety of post surgery injuries. Our patients demonstrate a high level of satisfaction with the whole process, and surgery outcomes show a great response to the techniques. Our main goal is to return each patient to their original lifestyle abilities. Our recovery plan ensures that every patient reaches their recovery goals after surgery.
Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and we know that it can be hard to get on with your aspirations and life goals if you are hindered by a sudden injury, or suffer from chronic pain. This is why our orthopedic surgeons are so passionately committed to finding and treating our patients' orthopedic problems and return them to the pain free life they deserve. We know that getting surgery can be a big decision. This is why we will be with you every step of the way from the initial consultation. We aim to treat the whole patient, not just the part that is in need of surgery. Our orthopedic surgeons consider each patient to be a completely unique case and work with them to understand their individual concerns and needs. We aim to treat the whole patient by getting to know them, using the information to help us select the best course of treatment for their unique need. We work as a team to address every face of the patient’s needs, allowing us to discuss, correctly assess, diagnose, and skillfully treat every condition with the utmost confidence and compassionate care.

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