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General Orthopedics

At Leconte Orthopedics we are fully committed to providing our patients with a wide spectrum of full care options for conditions and injuries that can affect various parts of the body. We strive to provide exceptional quality as a bone and joint health care provider. Our focus is preserving and improving the lives of our patients through treatments specialized and customized to the needs of each one. We know that there are many debilitating effects caused by the conditions that can affect the many parts of our bodies, and aim to understand each one to the fullest of our abilities. We make sure that our general orthopedic specialists are able to provide our patients with a wide spectrum of specialized care, which includes relief from pain, non-surgical treatments, and minimally invasive surgical treatments.
We have highly skilled general orthopedists who work alongside pain management specialists to find and use the latest technology in minimally invasive and conventional surgical procedures combined with non-surgical interventions. By doing this, we are able to provide the patient with a combination that will ensure the best outcomes from their injury, allowing for a rapid return to the patient’s original physical state. To help in the recuperative stage, we also offer full physical therapy services to continuously help our patients reach their mobility goals. Our physical therapists use a unique approach to each patient, modeling their care after the patient’s individual needs. They are able to successfully treat a wide variety of injuries and find the best approach for post surgical rehabilitations. Our patients demonstrate a high level of satisfaction with the whole process, and outcomes show a great response to our unique treatment techniques. Our main goal is to return each patient to their original abilities and allow them to continue with their life. We have a recovery plan that is made to ensure that every patient reaches their recovery goals after surgery, as well as less invasive treatments.
We understand that it can be immensely hard to get on with your aspirations and life goals if you are hindered by a sudden injury, or have been suffering from chronic pain. This is why we are so committed to finding and treating our patient’s orthopedic problems and return them to the pain free life they deserve. We know that getting treatment, and even surgery can be a big decision. This is why we will be with you every step of the way from the first consultation. We want to treat the whole patient, not just the part that is injured. Our orthopedists consider each patient to be completely unique and work with them to understand their concerns and special needs. We aim to treat the whole patient by getting to know them, using the information to help us select the best course of treatment for their individual need. We work as a team to address every face of the patient’s needs, allowing us to discuss, correctly assess, diagnose, and skillfully treat every condition with the utmost confidence and compassionate care.

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