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Sports Medicine & Injuries

At Leconte Orthopedics we incorporate clinical and investigational aspects of athletic injuries to treat athletic injuries that can arise in both children and adults, in various contexts such as high school, college, and professional sports, as well as recreational sports like golf and tennis. Our experience allows us to treat a wide range of spine, muscular, or sports-related conditions for adolescents, adults and seniors. Whether you sprained an ankle playing tennis, or tore something serious, we know that injuries can be very annoying and quite often surprisingly debilitating. That is why we make it our goal to get you back on the field as quickly, and safely as possible. We provide our patients with the proper care for their concern as well as educate them on how to better care for their bodies within the structured regime that their sport may require. We also show our patients better ways of moving their body to reduce the chance of over time and sudden injuries. We have the knowledge to correctly condition and train athletes, providing them with fitness advise that will directly relate to their athletic performance, as well as ways they can protect their long-term health while doing so. Treatment options are based on the severity of each individual case which may range from physical therapy, to more serious surgery. With our techniques, we are able to successfully diagnose, treat, and recuperate the athlete’s unique issues or concerns.
To help in the recovery stage, we offer sports centered physical therapy services to help our patients continue to reach their mobility goals. The movements are designed to directly train the athlete in the sport they are aiming to get back to. Our physical therapists use a unique approach to each patient, modeling their care after the patient’s individual needs and ultimate goals. They are able to successfully treat a wide variety of sports injuries and find the best approach for post surgical rehabilitations. Our athletic patients have shown a high level of satisfaction with the whole process, and our unique treatment techniques have provided great results in our patients. Our main goal is to return each patient to their original athletic abilities and allow them to continue with their life and individual goals.
We understand that in sports, an injury can be career halting. This is why we are so committed to finding and treating our patient’s orthopedic problems and return them to the field, as quickly and safely as possible. We know that getting treatment, and even surgery can be a big decision. This is why we work with you every step of the way from the first consultation. We want to treat the whole patient, not just the part that is injured. Our orthopedics consider each patient to be completely unique and work with them to understand their concerns and special needs. We aim to treat the whole patient by getting to know them and their goals, using the information to help us select the best course of treatment for their individual needs.

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